Brace yourself for an up close and personal flamenco experience with The Roots of Flamenco World Tour in 2019.

In 2019 we visited Singapore and Montreal to feature award-winning flamenco artists Selene Muñoz and Mónica Iglesias.

Our Singapore stop for The Roots of Flamenco World Tour 2019, produced by Admission Nation, featured Selene Muñoz, an award-winning Danish/Spanish dancer and choreographer.

Selene’s performances are a fascinating fusion of musicality, costume design, and artistic collaborations across cultures and styles.

Most recently, Selene receives the first title as ‘Member of Honor’ from The Spanish House in Denmark, together with the Ambassador of the Spanish Embassy in Denmark, and she has been nominated as ‘Best Dancer of The Year’ in CPH Culture.

Our Montreal stop for The Roots of Flamenco World Tour 2019, produced by Admission Nation, featured the winner of the 2018 female dancer of the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas, Mónica Iglesias, singer Matias Lopez “El Mati,” and guitarist David Caro.

About Admission Nation

Admission Nation produces performances exploring the Roots of Flamenco set in small intimate theaters and venues to enable audiences to experience the artist’s individual innermost feelings and inner intensity.  Additionally, accompanying flamenco fashion shows and Gypsy Jazz musical performances will expand the opportunity of Asian audiences to explore the rich heritage of flamenco.

Flamenco with Admission Nation

Flamenco reflects the diversity of people who are full of passion, creativity, ambition, and depth. Flamenco challenges you, inspires you, and surprises you. Life of Flamenco is necessary and essential to the life we all aspire to lead. Nowhere else can you find production company like us. We’re proud of the stories we’re sharing and we provide new perspectives on the way we think about flamenco.

Flamenco in Asia

The Asian community has a long history of its appreciation of the art of flamenco. Expected to draw thousands of flamenco enthusiasts who wish to experience the culture that has touched their passion. Many Asian women view flamenco as a liberating tool for self-expression in a nation facing social changes. Never before have all aspects of the flamenco culture been brought to one place for people to learn, explore and enjoy the rich culture of flamenco.

Also featuring Pianist, Chano Dominguez

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