Flamenco and Jazz: An interview with Chano Domínguez

Iug Mirti of Jazzespresso met Chano Dominguez during his recent Roots of Flamenco tour stop in Taiwan:

You started playing flamenco and then moved to jazz; do you think this somehow let your style become different and personal?

“My first instrument was a flamenco guitar and this was the first music I’ve ever heard as a child and that, therefore, has affected all the music I’m now playing on piano.

“I’ve always been fascinated by playing with the rhythms of my country, and by improvising. All of this made it possible, over the years, to develop a language starting from flamenco and improvised music.

“I believe that starting from the 1970’s and through the 1990’s a style was created not only by me, but also by other Spanish musicians, a style that record companies have named “flamenco jazz”, or “jazz flamenco”, that strongly affected all Spanish musicians that have been successful inside and outside our country. So I believe that yes, the fact of being born in Cadiz and having lived my childhood surrounded by flamenco world gave me special features, that probably other musicians from other countries don’t have, they probably have other features connected to the culture of their own country.”

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